We make beer like your grandma would have made beer, assuming you had the coolest grandma in the world. You won’t find a lot of buttons to push in our brewery. If it needs lifting, we lift it. If it needs stirring, we stir it. We have greeted every grain personally and tucked each bottle in for its journey.

Small Batches

Good beer can be made in big batches, but great beer needs more love. 1 pound of fruit per gallon, 18 months to mature, hand-picked adjuncts: nothing is too much for the ones you love. Each batch is treated with individual attention and given everything it needs to cross the line into great.


Inspired by Belgian creativity, to us, beer is art. Unique flavors, forgotten processes, unusual ingredients, “Sure, why not.” Constantly evolving, embracing difference, setting new limits, “Yes, please.” Offering new experiences you can share with your friends and family,“Ok.” After all, beauty is to be shared. “C’est Biere, C’est Belle.”

Our Beers

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